Evaluation & Treatment

Joan Togami MS CCC-SLPParents arrive for a Speech evaluation for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have had concerns for some time regarding your child. So whether you have concerns, other family members or friends have questions or your physician recommended your child be seen, I’m happy to help!

This is what you can expect at the initial evaluation visit:

  • In-order to give your child quality attention, siblings will not be allowed in the room for assessment and therapy.
  • Evaluation of areas of concern. This may be with formal testing or may be play based depending on the child’s age and needs.
  • Impressions and recommendations will be provided
  • Discussion of a plan or next step if therapy is indicated
  • Recognizing that every child has unique needs, I will customize therapy goals specific to your child’s needs. The parent’s goals for their child is a vital part in determining the goals.

Let’s Get Started

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